We attended the Passivhaus conference in Huesca organised by PBP

Portada » We attended the Passivhaus conference in Huesca organised by PBP


Garnica attended the event organised in Huesca for the presentation and promotion of the PassivHaus standard, buildings of almost zero energy consumption, as technical sponsor of the PBP platform (PassivHaus Building Platform), the Spanish branch of the German PassivHaus institute.

The session was attended by architects, builders and people interested in this new standard in the world of construction, to learn from Carlos Navarro and other architects who have made technical presentations on the standard, and some of the projects that have been carried out over the last 25 years. A standard that not only brings the economic advantages of saving and energy efficiency (more relevant in our country than in France or Germany due to the cost of electricity), but also for the satisfaction provided by this performance certification, backed by designer architects certified by the PassivHaus Institute and the PHPP tool.

In Garnica, we have relied on this standard of construction (energy consumption <15 kWh / (m2 a), approximately 1 € / m2 per year, in heating and cooling demands) from the beginning of the G-Brick SIP construction system, and with it have completed the construction of several energy-efficient and certified PassivHaus homes, hand in hand with architects and builders with great initiative and professionalism. One of the main advantages of the system is the reduction of thermal bridges in the connections between panels, the removal of solid wooden pillars, and the airtightness of the joints, using Duraply plywood (treated wood which guarantees maximum durability) in connections previously machined down to the millimetre facilitating construction and ensuring the quality of the assembly.”