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After the initial idea of developing innovative furniture to solve the current problems of the big cities of the world, where apartment rental is constantly on the increase, the MIT team of researchers, Hasier Larrea and Ivan Fernandez, together with their American work group, have designed a furniture concept that breaks with what has been established to date, integrating electronic and robotic equipment inside unconventional scale furniture.

At Garnica, we were lucky with the success of our products in the United States, which led these researchers to contact our R & D department in order to find the best solution in materials that fulfilled all the objectives of this challenge: lightness, stability, ease of machining and premium decorative finishes.

In Garnica’s product range, we had exactly what they were looking for, and within 2 months we started working together on the first prototypes that were installed in cities such as Boston or NY, and which later on would lead to this sales launch.

As a special feature, in the search for innovative materials for this solution, we created a series of panels of plywood, with XPS core, a material with high resistance to the compression that brings very interesting advantages to the composition of the panels, improving their mechanical inertia and providing great rigidity at the same time, reducing their total weight by more than 50%

We leave you with some images and videos of this company, which begins its sales phase this week. You can follow them on the web: