Construction of houseboats and trees in France with G-Brick Deco

Portada » Construction of houseboats and trees in France with G-Brick Deco

After a few months of close partnership between the promoters of and Garnica´s technical department with the expert, Ugutz Arrizabalaga, we managed to define the set of unique projects that make up this holiday rental area in the North of France.

These are several projects, which combine accommodation in unusual places, such as lakes and trees, in an incredible natural environment.

One of the main challenges posed by the project was the type of construction, since a light system (to achieve buoyancy in a simple way), with high energy efficiency, and with durable materials in the changing conditions of humidity and temperature was required.

The best solution was to use G-Brick DECO panels, with integrated XPS 100 mm insulation, and with decorative Elegance Globulus finishes, that after a precise design that defined constructive details, integrated installations, etc., allowing all the materials to be brought to the work as an assembly kit, facilitating construction and minimising time needed.

These images were taken of the installation of the first model, a floating 40 m2 accommodation. Over the next weeks, the rest of the accommodation will be installed, with a total of 10 projects.

If you are interested in visiting these projects and enjoy a unique experience, do not hesitate to visit the web