A high energy-efficient dwelling in Artaun

Portada » A high energy-efficient dwelling in Artaun

The architectural team formed by Fernando Oiza and Eduardo Urdiain, and the Navarre company producing prefabricated houses, Casas del Irati, specialising in full 3D prefabrication, logistics and assembly, have begun work on a high-energy efficiency housing in Artaun, Vizcaya. The most innovative aspect of this project is that the G-Brick SIP panels are used as the basic material for the construction.

The works began last 6 February, following preparation in a workshop and the building 3D modules, to optimise time, materials and costs.

It is traditional aesthetic housing with a gable roof and a combination of interesting interior spaces, with high ceilings and exterior covered areas.

In the design phase and after previous good experiences in similar projects, the team of architects defined the job´s optimisation in the workshop together with Casas del Irati. This resulted in the production of seven longitudinal modules, with interior spaces virtually finished from the factory. The objective was to keep the time on the job to a minimum – about 3/4 weeks.

As seen in the images, after the first week the volume of the project is defined, and following this those works that have to be carried out on site, such as the solution of the roof that houses a double interior height, exterior finishes nd the connection of facilities.

At the same time as these works are completed in Artaun, Casas del Irati factory is already working on similar projects, including two houses for the town of Lodosa and another for Villatuerta, Navarra. In all of them the G-Brick SIP panel is used as a structural feature and other Garnica panels for decorative and furniture solutions.