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This final report contains the results and analysis of the project conducted for Garnica during 2016, 2017 and 2018 for writing the technical documentation of the G‑Brick SIP and G-Brick Deco products.

After obtaining the “dossier technique” certification from the French FCBA Technological Institute, which tested the panels to European standard ETAG-019, we saw that there were a number of construction solutions and details that were not sufficiently clear when it came to conducting complete projects and which gave rise to doubts in the minds of architects and structural engineers.

This report describes the analytical procedure used and its validation with experimental tests of the construction solutions that we have considered most relevant in the most common projects carried out using G-Brick SIP panels; one- to three-floor houses and projects with very specific strength and durability requirements (estimated durability in excess of 50 years). G-Brick Deco is used for simpler projects such as holiday bungalows or garden buildings (estimated durability of less than 50 years).

The report also includes the pre-dimensioning tables resulting from application of the model and examples of calculations from real-life situations.

The contents of the report summarise and synthesise information given in previous partial reports.

We at Garnica wish to thank all those experts in wooden structures whose work contributed to the report: Jose Manuel Cabrero and Borja Iraola and all who took part in the process, the companies SIKA and HECO Schrauben, the architect Fernando Oiza and Maderas IDE.