Passivhaus certified housing project with G-Brick SIP panels by Garnica


G-Brick promotes the Passivhaus standard of near-zero energy consumption projects, with their great durability and savings in costs and time.


We use local plantation timber, which is managed by our forestry team to ensure the sustainability of the overall process.


Its modular system adapts to residential projects, public premises, rehabilitation, furniture and many other constructive applications.


Garnica has been innovating for 75 years in the world of wood, and G-Brick is the answer to the demand for an efficient and sustainable construction system.
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Do you want to know why G-Brick is the ideal solution?

G-Brick Advantages

The construction system is based on a modulation linked to the standard dimensions of the G-Brick, allowing all kinds of designs. This modulation guarantees optimum energy efficiency for the projects that use our product.
The G-Brick is made in our workshop, with intensive quality controls that guarantee its final result. This quality and reliability of the system guarantees maximum durability: ‘Projects for life’.
G-Brick comes from sustainable plantations, where 100% of the trees are used.

The generation of waste and on site impact are reduced to a minimum, and its thermal properties enable very important energy savings.

The panels are structurally certified at European level and have mechanical properties that enable all kinds of modular designs. With their very high load capacity and great dimensional stability, they do not swell or shrink with changes in temperature or humidity.
The workshop process entails a more efficient manufacture over time, allowing the project´s site to be developed at the same time. The industrialised product allows a closed budget and faster commissioning, resulting in a particularly significant saving.
Wood in architecture generates more pleasant habitable spaces and better acoustic and thermal characteristics, which when combined with the minimum environmental impact, results in a better quality of life.
Behind the G-Brick products there is a team fully committed to the project, always ready to offer the best technical service.


of wood used


11.000 Kg/ha

Absorption by plantation


F=28.857 Kg

Simple Compression


u=0,10 W/m2K

Thermal transmittance

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